Concept– An elegant product engineered by incorporating special polyester with viscose combining the drape and fall of polyester and softness of viscose.

Salient features

1. Uniform effect:  Blending at blow-room stage gives homogeneous and uniform effect in the fabric & a unique look to the garment.

2. Versatility: Can be offered with 65/35, 55/45, 70/30, 80/20 blend ratio enabling to wide range of blends available.

3. Permanent effect:  The sheen & drape in the fabrics is set permanently even after several washes.

4. Skin Friendly:  Fabrics are skin friendly and does not give any irritation to the wearer.

5. Easy care: No special care required during washing and ironing

6. Dyeing options: Due to polyester and viscose portion in the yarn, it creates ample avenues for variable dyeing and effects due to cross dyeing.

7. Hassle free production: No need for extra care during knitting/weaving and processing.

8. Trouble free production:As it has good strength, it gives fewer breakages and better runnability. Thus making production process more efficient.

9. Worth the value: Optimal cost enhances value for garment.

10. Our offerings: Ne 25/1, Ne 32/1, Ne 40/2, Ne 50/2, Normal and Slub options