• Re-engineered yarn structure to replicate Linen fabric appearance.
  • Different techniques at fibre extrusion or spinning or processing stage of yarn adds linen like look.

Salient Features

  • Value for Money: LinoLook is 3-4 times cost effective in comparison of Linen & Linen blends products.
  • Linen Look: The fabric appearance is the replica of Linen fabric. A prominent effect can be seen in knits. Also dual tone effect can be obtained in the fabric by differential dye pick up of the yarns.
  • Dimensional stability: Fabrics are highly resistant to shrinkage unlike Linen fabrics.
  • Pleat retention: Blends with synthetic fibre gives a permanent-press property to the LinoLook fabrics.
  • Resilient: This fabric has good ability of shape retention due to high resiliency.
  • Flexibility: By keeping the linen look intact, we can offer different blend options as desired.
  • Soft hand feel: Due to its unique yarn structure, cotton or viscose fibres appear on yarn surface providing soft hand feel to the fabric.
  • Easy clean: LinoLook can be machine washed like regular fabrics without affecting any property of the fabric.
  • Colour Pallets: LinoLook can be dyed in wide range of colours with better colour fastness. Fluorescent colours & cross dyeing offers additional options for choice.
  • Printability: Beautiful effects similar to digital prints can be attained by means of sublimation print technique on LinoLook fabrics.