LINOCEL– is an intimate blend of two fibers that are Linen, which is extracted from stem of Flax Plant and Lyocell, which is a regenerated fiber made out of wood pulp of Eucalyptus tree. Linocel yarn, due to its rich linen composition and differential fineness of component fibers, has Linen on the surface in the form of small slubs and neps whereas Lyocell makes the core of the yarn. Thus, the fabric made out of Linocel yarns retains the look, luster, brilliance, creasing and feel of linen and handle, drape of Lyocell.

LINOCEL yarns and fabrics possess certain unique properties which come from intrinsic properties of Linen and Lyocell:

1. VISUAL TREAT: Linen is the most luxurious Natural fiber and when it is intimately blended with other Luxurious fiber like Lyocell (High Tenacity High Wet Modulus Viscose Fiber) then the fabric look after dyeing finishing comes as Luxurious as Pure Linen. The structure of the fabric surface is just like Pure Linen due to high ratio of Refined Linen in it.

2. COMFORT: Linen and Lyocell both being of Natural Origins and having high moisture regains of 12% and 13.5% respectively (Cotton has 8.5%), absorb the moisture from atmosphere and keep the wearer Cool and Fresh even after full days work. Linocel Fabrics absorb moisture twice as faster than Cotton and also loose Moisture twice as faster than Cotton.

3. WEATHER PROOF: High Breathability of Linen which is due to its Irregular Polygonal Fibre cross-section when blended with Lyocell is fully retained. Linocel fabrics keep the body temperature of the wearer lower by 3-4 degrees than that of their counterparts wearing Cotton Fabrics. This phenomenon of Linocel Fabrics can be demonstrated in less than 30 seconds. During winters the air gets locked into the pockets created by Polygonal Structure of Linen Fibers and hence acts as an Insulator keeping the wearer Warm.

4. MOISTURE MANAGEMENT: Linocel Fabrics are the perfect Natural Moisture Management Fabrics. In summers when the wearer perspires then the fabrics surface in touch with skin absorbs the moisture fast and then transports it to the outer surface of the fabric via capillaries, created by Linen fiber’s cross section. The moisture gets dissipated on higher area of fabric surface and gets evaporated into atmosphere. This phenomenon keeps the skin dry and nourished so the chances of bad odor and common rashes/eczemas reduce considerably.

5. DUST REPELLANT: Linocel Fabrics have Linen on surface and Lyocell in core so they act as dust repellant due to inherent characteristic of dust repellency of Linen.

6. CREASES LIKE LINEN: Linocel fabrics crease like pure linen due to the stiffness of Pure Linen Fibers but at the same time the wrinkles are round edged due to the presence of Lyocell in Core. So the Light Reflection from fabric surface is just like Pure Linen but much comfortable due to roundness of wrinkles.

7. HANDLE AND DRAPE: Though it is difficult to know Linocel from Linen at Fabric Stage but at Garments stage it outsmarts even Pure Linen garments. Garments made out of Linocel Fabrics can be dyed as Pure Cotton or Linen and can be Bio Polished to get a smooth, bouncy garment handle. This unique property of Linocel makes it Linen for Women and Kids.

8. PERMA-WHITE: Bleached Linocel fabrics are completely resistant to turning Pale even after multiple washes, unlike Cotton or Pure Linen fabrics.

9. PRICE ADVANTAGE: Linocel fabrics have most of the properties that of Pure Linen with some added advantages but the prices of Linocel Fabrics beat Pure Linen Fabrics by a humongous margin.

10. VERSATILITY: This perfect match of Linen with Lyocell makes Linocel Yarns and Fabrics for usage in Apparels (Woven, Knits, Saris, Stoles, Shawls or Denims), Bed Sheets, Towels, Curtains and Medical Textiles etc. WOMEN and KIDS now have a Linen Fabric in LINOCEL which is so SOFT unlike Pure Linen.