An elegant product – GlamX is created by incorporating unique glitter fibres that brings sparkle or glitter effect to the garment.
Various yarn spinning & yarn processing techniques offers flexibility to adjust the shine level & overall glitter effect in the fabric.

Salient Features:

Homogeneous & subtle glitter effect: Glitter fibre is constituent part of the yarn hence gives very uniform & subtle glitter effect throughout the fabric. The fabric looks elegant with the GlamX yarn.

Compatible: The GlamX products can be offered with any blend option along with glitter fibre to get the desired properties in the fabric.

Shine Forever: The fabric glitter remains consistent even after dyeing and several washes. It keeps shinning!!!

Skin friendly: Glitter portion in the GlamX do not scratch to the wearer’s skin unlike Metallic yarns, providing a soft feel. Also wearer has no worry of plucking up of glitter portion from the garment while wearing.

Comfort to wear: Glitter fibre blends with any fibre which keeps parent fibre properties intact like breathability & moisture management, stretch, drape, etc. providing comfort to wearer.

Easy care: As like any other fabric, the GlamX garments can be machine washed. Also there is no any adverse effect of Alkali content in soap/detergent on GlamX fabric which generally is observed in case of fabrics with metallic yarn.

Colour Mix: The glitter portion can be dyed in vivid colours as per requirement during the piece dyeing stage of fabric. Even vibrant fluorescent colours are possible with GlamX.

Trouble free production: As the glitter fibres are coherent to yarn body, it causes no trouble in run ability on the knitting/weaving machine, causing less downtime to the production process.

Worthwhile: Optimal cost of GlamX enhances value of the garment.