Concept– An indigo dyed yarn with X-factor

Salient features

1. Varied manufacturing techniques for comfort:  Offered with open end, carded, and combed options in cotton extending the horizons of creating an end-product with enhanced comfort.

2. Various blends: Offered with blends of wide range of fibres like Viscose, Linen, lyocell, modal apart from Cotton.

3. Aesthetically versatile: Possibility of dyeing with normal indigo dyes & it’s shades along with sulphur dyes making the product aesthetically versatile with the below options:

  • Within indigo dyes from light sky to deep blue color shades
  • Vivid to deep colors of sulphur dyes
  • Combination of Indigo and sulphur dyes

4. Fancy effects: Can be offered with various fancy effects like injection slub, neppy, multi color neps, glitter.

5. Performance with quality: Along with multiple features, performance is also taken care with rubbing fastness above grade 3.

6. Value for money: Given the wide range of options, economics of the yarn are also taken care with competitive prices for a given choice.

7. Our offerings:

Open end-Ne 4 to Ne 16

Ring Spun: Ne 10 to Ne 32 including double yarns in combed, compact, and carded

Ring spun yarns with various blends like Cotton/Viscose and cotton/polyester