Polyester High Tenacity Yarn – For Industrial Application

Polyester High Tenacity Yarn is used for high performance applications where tenacity is the key factor. Depending on the area of application High Tenacity Yarn is also available in different variants like normal shrinkage, low shrinkage & super low shrinkage. The high tenacity yarn has high durability, toughness and chemical resistance to withstand extreme environments.

Different yarns with different combination of tenacity and shrinkage are facilitated for a variety of functional, technical and industrial areas.

Texperts - Polyester High Tenacity Yarn


Application: Banner, Tarpaulin, Roofing, Membrane Structure, Awning, Filler Fabric, Sunshade, Outdoor Furniture, Hose, Sewing Thread
High Tenacity Polyester Yarn150-6000
Low Shrinkage Polyester Yarn250-3000
High Tenacity Low Shrinkage Polyester Yarn500-3000
Super Low Shrinkage Polyester Yarn500-2000
Extra Low Shrinkage Polyester Yarn1000
Application: Seat Belt
Abrasion Resistant Polyester Yarn500-2000
Twisted Polyester Yarn250-15000
Application: Sling, Conveyor Belt Fabric, Geotextile, Rope
High Tenacity Polyester Yarn150-6000
High Modulus Low Shrinkage Polyester Yarn1000-2000
Abrasion Resistant Polyester Yarn500-2000
Multi-Ply Polyester Yarn6000-30000
Multi-Ply Twisted Polyester Yarn30000-120000
Application: Tire Cord
High Tenacity Adhesive Activated Polyester Yarn500-6000
Application: Sail Cloth
High Tenacity High Shrinkage Polyester Yarn210-840

Available in Raw White, Dope Dyed (various Colours), UV Stabilised, Flame Retardant, Adhesive Activated.