MarlteX yarn present multiple colors on one single yarn which gives it rich colours, slenderness and tenderness.
Made of two or more different coloured fibers which are spun or intermingled together to create fascinating color combinations.

Salient Features-

Fashion: Broadening the colorful world of fashion to meet requirements of consumers.

Environment Friendly: 

  • Water saving: The elimination of yarn or fabric dyeing process leads to water saving, energy saving, emission reduction and environment protection.
  • Zero Liquid Discharge: Unlike conventional dyeing process, it has no liquid discharge as an output of production process.

Labour friendly: The closed loop dope dyeing method helps to keep the shop floor environment very clean & non-hazardous. Also elimination of latter stage of yarn or fabric dyeing makes entire supply chain labour friendly.

MOQ:  With the space dyeing technique there is no constraint of quantity, even we can dye a single cone.

Fastness Properties: Molecular bonding of color pigments with fibre results into excellent colorfastness to light, washing, crocking (rubbing), perspiration.

Colour Reproducibility & Consistency: Big lot sizes by means of dope dyeing eliminates the risk of batch to batch shade variation; thereby ensuring excellent consistency & reproducibility of colours.

Cost Effective: Cost effective alternative to traditional package Dyed yarns or Piece Dyed fabrics. Saving as high as 30% is possible in yarn to fabric conversion cost.

Functionality/ Feel & comfort:

  • Cotton touch: ATY MarlteX range gives cotton like hand-feel & fabric becomes more breathable.
  • Moisture management: Dope dyed polyester fibres with unique cross section to impart moisture wicking & quick dry properties.

Versatility & Flexibility: With multiple key variables, we offer customized solution to meet your requirements. In particular, below are few sub-categories:

  • Intermingled dope dyed mélange range with slub patterns
  • Differential drawn filaments
  • Space dyed & spray dyed range
  • Spun mélanges with fancy patterns