Functionality with Fashion:

  • Fabrics with innovative knit structures to blend fashion & function elements.
  • In particular, unique double knit structures with fancy yarns on face side to give aesthetic effect &
  • functional yarns inside to get desired performance function.
  • Similarly, use of Tencel, Modal yarns along with moisture wicking polyester filaments make the
  • fabric sustainable, damp free, breathable, price competitive and comfort wearing.

Moisture Management:

  • Engineered yarn for superior moisture management, breathability and quick dry time.
  • The fabric transports perspiration away from the body and out through the fabric where it can evaporate quickly.
  • Keeps the wearer cool and dry.

Warm Feel with Thermo-Buffering:

  • Blended yarn with speciality viscose fibre of unique flat cross-section and walled surface.
  • The special fibre cross-section creates air pockets for excellent thermal insulation, quick moisture transport and breathability, which creates a comfortable micro climate next to the skin.
  • Up to 70% air in yarn makes fabrics feel soft and light, guarantee outstanding wearer comfort.

Cotton Touch:

  • A product which gives the benefits of cotton overcoming its limitations.
  • The polyester fabric with the feel & texture of cotton while dimensional stability & durability of polyester.
  • Additional benefits of excellent fastness properties, quick dry function makes the product perfectly suitable for active wear.


  • Polyester yarn which constitutes bamboo charcoal nano-particles to impart anti-bacterial & deodorizing properties.
  • The anti-bacterial material mixed in the fiber can effectively restrain the growth of bacterial to reduce the stink.
  • Also, the charred bamboo can release far infrared ray to stimulate blood circulation and keep body warm.


  • The polyester filament with added coffee nano-particles.
  • The carbon coffee particles absorb and effectively neutralizes odors.