Antibacterial Hollow Conjugate (siliconized and non-sliconized)
Antistatic Low Melt
Bi-component Low Pill
Biodegradable Modacrylic
Cationic Dyeable Polyester Moisture Management
Far Infrared Nylon Micro
Fiber Short Cut Polyester Staple PLA
Fine Denier siliconized Recycled/ Regenerated
Flame Retardant Soyabean
High Tenacity Low Shrinkage


Specialty Yarns
Functional/ Performance Yarns
Bamboo Blends Hollow Cross Section Yarn Sewing Thread Yarn Anti Static Low Pill
Bi – Shrinkage Yarn Linen blends with Poly viscose Silk Blends Yarn Antibacterial Moisture Management
Bi Component Yarn Mechanical Stretch Yarn Slub Yarn Biodegradable Nappy yarns
Biodegradable Metallic Yarn Super High Twist Yarn Bullet Proofing Recycled
Cationic Dyeable Yarn Multi Fiber Blends Yarn Tyre Cord Yarn Electro Magnetic Shielding UV cut
Elastane Core Spun Yarn PLA Wool Blends Yarn Far Infra Red
Embroidery Thread Yarn Rigid Core Spun Yarns On Perforated Tubes/ Cones Yarn Fishing nets
High Tenacity Yarn Sea Island Yarn Z /Z Crepe Yarn Flame Retardant

Woven Fabric

Fiber composition
Special finishing
Bamboo Cotton Slub Anti Microbial Moisture Management Teflon
Bamboo Viscose Soya and Blends Anti Static PU / PV Coated UV Protection
Micro-denier Polyester Nylons Supima Cotton Enzyme Bio Wash Silicon Finish Water Repellent
Micro-modal Tencel and Blends Flame retardent Stain Repellent Water Resistant
Organic Cotton High bulk Super Soft Wrinkle free

Knitted Fabric

Fiber composition Special finishing
Bamboo Cotton Anti Microbial
Bamboo Viscose Anti Static
Micro-denier Polyester Nylons Enzyme Bio Wash
Micro-modal Flame retardent
Organic Cotton High bulk
Slub Moisture Management
Soya and Blends Stain Repellent
Supima Cotton Super Soft
Tencel and Blends Teflon
UV Protection
Wrinkle free


Aerelle CoolComf Husky Tactel
Aerocool Coolmax Ingeo(PLA) Tenbro
Afron Coolplus Lenzing modal Tencel
Ambs Cordura Lycra Thermocool
Ammy Cuddler Meryl Thermolite
Biophyl Dacron Hydrofix Novus TMY
Birla Excel Dacron Plus Organic IR Topcool
Birla Modal Ecorama Performax Topgreen
Birla Puracel EFX Quallofil Trevira
Birla Viscose Elason Saviour Velour
Breeze Fita Securelle X-Flame
Climarelle Flexel Solarfree
Colyar Hi-Tac Supplex
Comforel Hollofil Suprelle
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