Concept– An intimate blend of polyester and viscose spun on siro compact spinning to add advantages like soft hand feel, uniform dyeing, unique fabric sheen and low pilling tendency even after regular use.

Salient features

1. Homogeneous blending:  As blending of fibers is done at blowroom stage a more uniform yarn is produced which results in uniform yarn properties giving various advantages in subsequent processes.

2. Compatible: It can be used with any other yarn in fabric production without any special treatment or care to be taken during processing or finishing.

3. Aesthetic treat: Due to SIRO-COMPACT technology, the yarn produced has good hairiness index which gives a very clean fabric surface & a unique sheen to the fabric after dyeing & finishing.

4. Raw-material choice: Available with normal polyester or cationic polyester, one can choose the polyester type depending on the end-use.

5. Comfort: Due to unique Siro compact Spinning, yarn is produced with a soft touch which is gentle to skin and thus comfortable to wear.

6. Easy care: It is easily machine washable without affecting the look of the fabric or garment.

7. Magic in Dyeing: Can be dyed in double colors to create double dyeing effect. It also gives deep dyeing option with cationic polyester and more sheen to fabric.

8. Trouble free production:As it has good strength, it gives fewer breakages and better runnability. Thus making production process more efficient.

9. Worth the value: Optimal cost enhances value for garment.

10. Our offerings: Available in Single and Double Ne 15s, 20s, 25s, 32s and 40s.