Chemically Treated – Antiviral textile technology

  • Breakthrough combination of two synergistic technologies.
  • Silver technology for antiviral and antibacterial effect
  • Fatty vesicle technology as a booster that mechanically destroys viruses
  • Kills bacteria and destroys common harmful viruses (such as influenza and coronavirus) in minutes
  • Effective protection against contamination and transmission of viruses and bacteria that use textiles as a hosting surface

A. Silver component attracts and binds the virus

Small silver particles are potent antibacterial and antiviral agents due to high surface area to volume ratio and unique chemical and physical properties.

Small silver particles are effective against viruses, effectively eliminating them following short exposure of isolated viruses to silver.

Like a magnet, silver attracts the oppositely charged viruses and binds permanently to their sulfur groups (forming silver sulfide) → the virus is immobilized

Small silver particles contribute to a broad- spectrum of antiviral mechanisms that are not prone to inducing resistance. - Anti Viral Fabric

B. Vesicle component destroys the virus

Vesicle technology (Liposomes) works as a booster

The fatty spherical vesicle technology functions by directly targeting the lipid envelope (membrane) surrounding the virus

The vesicle technology helps to deplete the viral membrane of its cholesterol content thereby destroying the virus

The vesicles rapidly destroy the virus through a physical contact mechanism (cholesterol sink) - Anti Viral Fabric Vesicle Structure

How does chemically treated fabric work?​ - Anti Viral Fabric chemically treated fabric
Disclaimer: All the specifications mentioned here above are for Fabrics chemically treated with HeiQ Viroblock, and copyright of HeiQ.

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